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vertus infusion caroubier



Cet arbre de la Méditerranée et qu’aujourd’hui on nomme « caroube », constituant une sorte de grand haricot d’aspect brun chocolat et qui est aussi à l’origine du carat représentant le poids d’une graine qui est la référence pour le diamant (1 carat = 200mg) !


Les Bienfaits

Le Caroubier possède des propriétés santé pour notre flore intestinale puisqu'il en régule les fonctions et protège les parois intestinales.
Il est notamment utilisé en cas de diarrhée ou de vomissements.



Péché Mignon — Les Créations


Une petite gourmandise autorisée,
même entre les repas.


Chic des Plantes ! Our mission: to imagine and produce infusions differently. Chic des Plantes! creates high-quality 100% organic infusions and broths, made in France. We dream up and create our own blends from the finest plants, spices, flowers, fruit and vegetables, selected with great care, for a "never drunk" result in your cup. All our packaging is eco-friendly (our outer packaging is now plastic-free, made from plant material, 100% biodegradable and compostable at home, with the Home compost label) and all our products are 100% natural with no added flavouring, as beautiful as they are good and beneficial. Chic des Plantes ! is certified B Corp, the most demanding ethical and eco-responsible label in the world. What does this mean? It means that our little company, as we've always built it and wanted it to be since 2015, is officially part of a community for which 'business for good' is paramount and which loudly proclaims that it wants to be 'the best FOR the world, not the best IN the world'. And that changes everything. We believe in the power of plants, and we also believe strongly in the power of the men and women who work to put them in your cups every day, with passion, care and respect. Brew, drink... love it!
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