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Organic vegetable broth umami mushroom black radish - Le Robuste - Refill 20 tea bags


    An organic vegetable broth with an umami flavour, like an autumn pan, to drink and cook.


    Le Robuste organic vegetable broth with mushrooms and black radish - no added flavour, salt or fat - 20 packets refill - for drinking and cooking Product elected Les Épicures d'argent 2019 by the jury of Le Monde de l'Épicerie fine.


    Broth to drink like an infusion, during or outside meals, to keep well hydrated and satisfy a small hunger. Broth to cook in risottos, velvets, soups, pan-fried vegetables or to enhance the cooking of your rice, quinoa, pasta...


    Ingredients (100% organic plants) : Black radish - Shiitake mushroom - Mace - Onion - Ash - Laurel - Pepper

    Aromatic notes : The attack is round, carried by powerful meaty notes, pan-fried in autumn. Shiitake, black radish and onion flesh out the blend, enhancing its umami flavour. Mace stands out with its fruity and spicy accents, intensifying the earthy notes. Fresh and spicy, the Pepper and Laurel make the Bouillon greedy and lively. On the palate, a full texture and an eruption of aromas around a solidly flavoured base.

    Tasting ideas : Discover our recipe ideas for soups and "veloutés" with Le Robuste organic vegetable broth, risotto recipes, other recipes to get you through the kitchen with Le Robuste organic vegetable broth and our Recipe Booklet with our broths. Easy, healthy and easy recipes to prepare for every day.

    ● Also available in box 12 tea bags and in bulk.

    ● Find Le Robuste organic mushroom and black radish vegetable broth in the Organic Broths Assortment Pochon, a lovely gift to (s')give yourself to drink and/or cook our detox vegetable broths, in the Digestive Water Herbal Tea Cure, a 5-day programme to soothe your digestion after a good meal, after the holidays and in the Herbal Teas and Broths Discovery Kit.


    Our advice for preparing an organic herbal tea:

    Infusion time: 6 minutes

    Infusion temperature: 90°.

    ● 1 bag = 2 to 3 cups


    About our broths :

    100% organic and eco-responsible herbal blends: infusette/sachet made from GMO-free corn starch, compostable (industrially) and compostable (at home) overpack certified Home Compost. Refill 20 of compostable (at home) sachets certified Home Compost.

    No added flavourings: it's beautiful, it's good, it's natural. And that's all.

    Expert know-how: a chef, an aromatician and a pharmacist create mixtures of plants, spices, fruits and vegetables "never drunk" with recognised benefits and original flavours.

    Made in France: we design and produce high quality beneficial herbal teas and broths in France.

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    Infusions et bouillons bio

    Chic des Plantes ! creates 100% organic herbal teas and broths, made in France without any added flavour. We have created brand new blends from the most characteristic plants, spices, flowers, fruits and vegetables, that we carefully select to produce an unique flavor in your cup. Our packaging is eco-friendly, our products are 100% natural, beautiful, tasteful and carry a variety of beneficial attributes. Our mission since 2015 is to put
    herbal teas back into your daily lives and satisfy your demanding palates. Bring the power of plants to your modern and urban lives.
    Let go, indulge, and allow yourself a new, tasty ritual of well-being.
    Infuse, drink…enjoy!
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