We dreamed about an herbal tea you will love it, which help you to connect back with your sensations : good for your body and your mind.

We dreamed about an herbal tea you will have all day long, throughout the seasons.

During summer we need freshness, we need for naturalness. In the summer season our plants travel from the earth to your glass, to your nomadic bottle of mineral or filtered water to drink !

Like a chic summer routine, pack our bags cold, take away, drink it and ... love it!

Extend the delights, share the freshness with friends & family thanks our creative and tasty infused waters. Put our tea bag in fresh water, add some fruits, vegetables or aromatic herbs...

Pupils sparkle, taste buds wriggle, healthy and colorful water flows under the sun… Thank you Mother Nature!

Have a great summer, take good care of yourself and nature. 


Corinne & Laura

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